Self-portrait Workshop: "A Few Of My Favorite Things"

What a blast! On August 20,  I had the great privilege of a teaching a workshop at the New Museum Los Gatos.  The workshop was called "A Few Of My Favorite Things."   I asked the participants to bring some of their favorite things -- objects which symbolize parts of their lives, stories and personalities.  They brought a wonderful array of beloved objects -- an ice skate, chess pieces, a child's violin, a unicorn, a sports' medal.  

I showed them images of famous artists' self-portraits -- Frida Kahlo, Van Gogh, Andy Warhol, Elisabeth Vigee Le-Brun, etc.  And we talked about how each artist was allowing us to see who they were (or wanted to be?) at that moment in time.  We talked about how the self-portraits made us FEEL.  One girl said that Van Gogh's portrait made her feel lonely.  Ah, yes......

I showed them how to arrange their objects in a composition that pleased the eye and told their "stories" in an interesting way.  Then we created our self-portraits -- sketching first in pencil and then completing the works in colored pencil on Bristol board.  I was in awe at the openness,  curiosity and fearlessness of the kids -- and the one adult in the class.  A wonderful journey into the world of portraiture and of expressing one's inner self through art.